Custom Speaker Cable for DSP/AMP

Speaker Cable

Custom speaker cable for your car DSP/AMP.
Use one full length of cable connected from your DSP/Amplifier to your speakers. For cleaner/uninterrupted signal.

Applicable DSP/AMP :

BOGA P1 All-in-One
GLADEN D2 DSP/Amplifier
Audison Prima AP Amplifier/DSP
Alpine PXE-0850S

Or any amplifier that uses this connector type.

Using the supplied wire harness to connect from the amplifier to the speakers is not the only way.

Typical wire harness supplied with the amplifier. For connection to the speakers.

Instead, use a full length speaker wire harness. This harness uses high quality 16AWG ultra-pure oxygen-free high-conductivity copper (UP-OFC) speaker cable. It will connect directly from the DSP/amplifier to the speakers.
No need for wire-to-wire connection. No worry of any loose connection or signal lost.

Example of a 4 speaker cable harness. Each speaker cable length is 3m or 9 feet.
Connection A (see below).

The speaker cable harness is custom made to suit different connections. 4 to 8 speakers connector is available.

Click here if you have any enquiry or order. Please indicate the connection configuration (A or B), number of speakers, each speaker cable length and any questions. Thank you.

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