Dr Pepper, THE drink

The soda drink from Waco, Texas, USA. Its taste is very polarising. Some people like it so much, they rank it as the best soda drink. (Me). Some dislike it so much, they comparing it to cough syrup. (Seriously?) How about you? Have you tried Dr Pepper? Are you able to get Dr Pepper from where you are right now?

In my country, it is very difficult to get Dr Pepper. Once a while, an importer will manage to convince a retailer to display it on the shelf. However, not all outlets sell it throughout the year. Only selected ones, sometimes as an individual can, 6-pack or 12-pack. It only appears a few times a year. The cans that sold are imported from USA. Dr Pepper has a few different flavours. The one that sold here is the regular purple can. There was only one time that I found green can Dr Pepper (made with real sugar).

These are the many different flavours of Dr Pepper. Not all are available throughout the year. I wish they will make Dr Pepper (Made with Real Sugar) available throughout the year.

I have tried Dr Pepper regular, diet, ten, real sugar, caffeine-free, diet caffeine-free and cherry.
My favourite?
1. Dr Pepper Made with Real Sugar.
2. Dr Pepper Caffeine Free.
3. Dr Pepper (regular purple can).

I think one of the best ways to enjoy Dr Pepper is when you are having a hot and spicy meal. An ice-cold Dr Pepper down the throat. Fantastic! Prepare to burp!

 What is your best way to enjoy Dr Pepper? If you have not tried Dr Pepper. Don’t wait, get a carton now!

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