Materials for Big3 Upgrade

Which wire will you rather use for your car?
Bare copper or Copper-clad aluminium, CCA ?
Thicker (00-4AWG) or thinner (6-10AWG) ?

Please use only bare copper cable for your beloved car.
Cable should meets SAE J1127 standards.

What materials ?

Bare copper cable, at least 2AWG.
1 cable from alternator to fuse.
1 cable from fuse to battery +ve terminal.
1 cable from battery –ve terminal to car body.
1 cable from engine body to car body.
1 fuse. Depending on type of car and the alternator output, fuse rating of 100A or 150A.

2 AWG bare copper cable
Terminal Lug
ANL Fuse Holder
ANL Fuse

How long does it take to do this?

Depending of the car model. If you do it for the first time, it can take up to half a day. Please give yourselves plenty of time. Please check and check again before you start your car. Let it run idle for at least 5 minutes and power on the electronics in the car. Make sure that everything are working before you drive off.

Please leave a message here if you have any enquiry. Thank you.

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